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What's the difference between a Web Developer and a Webmaster?

Your web developer is the person that develops, designs, programs, and implements your website. Your webmaster is the person you turn to for "everything web" after your site has been developed. Think of him or her as your "Go-to Geek."

You have a business to run, employees to manage, clients to satisfy and money to make. You don't have time to tinker with your website.

If you're having an employee try to manage it, that employee is probably spending more time on it than your webmaster would and is probably not doing as professional a job as required.

Plus, that employee is not doing the one thing you need them to be doing... taking care of your clients and making billable hours.

So, you have a business to run... run it. You have a website that needs managing... let your webmaster do it. And that's us!

If you have a sentence that needs changing, call us. If you have a picture that needs to be added or changed, or a new product or service that needs to be included, e-mail us all the information.

We'll make the changes, post it for you as a draft — you look, you like, we make it LIVE. You never break a sweat.

That's the difference between a web developer and a webmaster. Your webmaster is your Go-to Geek.

Stop letting your website run you... call us and let US run your website.